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Thank you for checking out my page. I hope it resonates with you and gives you a little push to get out in nature, whether it's to reconnect with the plants and animals or reconnect with yourself and give yourself time and space to breathe.

unearthing me

I'm a girl born in small town Shaunavon, Saskatchewan, who was raised in Calgary, Alberta, then moved to various parts of Canada, such as Ontario and BC, including many years in Vancouver, but came back to Saskatchewan because of my love of the prairies. It holds a special place in my heart and I'm happy to be back.


When I think back to all the places I lived and what I loved about them, the first images that come to mind are always the places in nature. Wherever I was, it was being out in nature that made me feel welcome and at home. Of course, there are the friends I made who made each place special but it was nature that grounded me. It was also nature that healed me when I struggled mentally and it was nature that helped heal my heart during times of grief. It's also where I experienced great joy, seeing the immense beauty, breathing in the fresh air, soaking up the sun or the rain, and seeing a beautiful eagle flying overhead. 

And so, it's this love of nature that brought me on the path of nature & forest therapy, earth-based spirituality, and the study of biophilia in the built environment, helping bring nature into the design of spaces, which is part of my day job working in the architecture and interior design industry.

Through my studies with the ANFT (Association of Nature & Forest Therapy) I've learned how to guide people in nature in a way that is exploratory and unexpected. I'm here to open the door for people to experience their own way of interacting with nature and in this way, nature becomes the therapist for the individual. I'm just the guide. The experience is very open and sensory. 

My learning is never done and I know nature still has much more to teach me but I am, as always, ready for the adventure. 

picture of a girl in from of hometown grain elevators in Saskatchewan
Wild Med badge showing Wilderness First Aid and CPR certification





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